Our Church Our Lady & St.Cuthberts RC Church
Church Hill
County Durham DL15 9DN
Tel: 01388 762724


The Parish Council will work with our Parish Priest in encouraging and leading all parishioners in their journey of faith and in taking Christ s message of love and hope to the wider community and to the world.

To this end, our Parish Council will:

  • Encourage all parishioners to take a full part in the life of the parish.
  • Strive to involve young people in the life of the parish by listening to them and helping and encouraging them to develop new liturgical, spiritual and social activities to suit their needs.
  • Through the promotion and support of the work of existing parish groups and the creation of new groups if needed, oversee, develop and co-ordinate
  •    A. the pastoral, liturgical, fundraising, social and administrative activities of the parish
  •    B. our ties with other Christian communities in Crook and surrounding areas
  •    C. our work in the local community and in promoting peace and justice in the world and
  •    D. the maintenance of the buildings and other assets of the parish
  • Build up our ties with the parish school and with the secondary schools which our young people attend.
  • Act as the Parish Finance Committee1 .
  • Ensure that robust structures exist to maintain and develop the life of the parish if the time comes when we have no resident parish priest.
  • Appoint two parishioners to represent it on the Diocesan Pastoral Council.
  • 1To be a member of the Parish Council you must be appointed to the Parish Finance Committee by the Parish Priest


    The MEMBERS OF THE PARISH COUNCIL and their roles or which ministry they represent are shown below.





    Fr Nick Jennings

    Fr Jennings

    Parish Priest and member of the parish council

    Deacon Michael Rowell


    Parish Deacon and member of the parish council

    Sister Paschaline


    Parish Sister and member of the parish council

    Ann Callan


    Parish Treasurer and member of the parish council

    Anne Berry

    Anne B.

    Secretary and Parishioner Member

    Peter Fleming


    Chair and Parishioner Member

    Eugene Brady


    Parishioner Member

    Duncan Reed


    Parishioner Member

    Brian Rinaldi


    Parishioner Member

    Anne Smith

    Anne S.

    Parishioner Member

    Anne Timothy

    Anne T.

    Parishioner Member


    If you have anything you wish to be brought to the attention of the Parish Council, please contact Father Nick Jennings tel. no. 01388 762724 or email saintcuthbertschurchcrook@uwclub.net, or speak to any member of the parish council.

    The Parish Council Constitution was amended in September 2023, and you can see full details of the CONSTITUTION attached. This has resulted in some changes as follows. The Parish Council will have up to 10 and at least 5 parishioner members. The Members in post at the date this revised constitution is adopted will serve for the next 3 years. Thereafter 2 parishioner members of the council will stand down in rotation and be replaced each year so that from that point Members of the Parish Council will hold office for a maximum of 5 Years. A parishioner member will not be eligible for re-election for one year after standing down.

    The Parish Council normally meets at least 6 times a year. The minutes of the last meeting, can be seen here at PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES 21st NOVEMBER 2023 . The next parish council meeting will be held on 30th January 2024.

    Once a year the Parish Council reports to parishioners at an open parish meeting, and this year it was able to be held on 4th June 2023. The Annual Parish Council Report can be seen here ANNUAL REPORT.

    The Parish Council has a Chair and a Secretary who each hold those offices for 2 years and who are not eligible for election to one of those positions for two years after their term of office concludes. The current Secretary is Anne Berry and the current chair is Peter Fleming.

    DIOCESAN PRIVACY NOTICE Please see link to details of the Policy of the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle in relation to Data protection and privacy